Nützliche Tips für die Arbeit in Irland

PPS-Nummer The PPS Number ist the Indentfication Number  of the Social Weldare Department. If you planing to work in Ireland you must order this Number as soon as possible. Without this number you must pay 44 % from you income. If you get your own PPS Number you will get the emergency tax back but there is a lot of work to get this. The normal tax is 22%.

You can order the PPS Number at the Social Welfare Department. This office was located in the Apollo House in the Tara Street but proberly it is now moved to the street beside the Trinity college opposite of the building from the Dublin Fire Birgade.

After one week you will get this number at your personell ID Card.

With this PPS Number you need to go the the tax office. In Dublin you will find this in a small road beside Burger King at the O'Connel Street.

Revenue Homepage of the Tax Office
Department of Social Welfare Department of Social and Family Affair
Bankaccount For opening of a bankaccount you  need your personel ID card and two official documents like a phonebill with your irish adress and proberly the contract from your landlord. This is a proofe the the irish government because only persons in Ireland should open a bankaccount. The most people will get angry at this stage because iz is difficault to get a offcial document with your adress if you have arrived recently in Ireland. Don't be hesitated, everyone has solved this problem and later you will laugh about this.
Social insurance / Pension If you are longer in Ireland and you have an unlimeted contract the employer will pay you pension in the social insurence. After approxmately two years you have a right to the irish pension. If you want a higher pension you can pay more in this state pension.

If you have a contract potion in a company the employer won't pay into the socialinsurense because you are a freelancer. You have to do this by yourself.

P 60 + P 45 You get the P 60 from after every year. You will finde the amount of tax if you have paid. If you have finished a postion in a company you received a P 45 from. You need this if you are going to the unemployment office or if you have change your employer.
 E 301 Do you have finished your employment in Ireland and going back to your homecountry you need the E 301 form. You are get this from at the Social Welfare Department, International Records, Oison House, Pearse Street in Dublin. This department needs the P 60 and P 45 form and don't leave the originals at this office. It is really important that you are leave just copies there. You need the E 301 form if you want get the pension and unemployed benefitz in your home country. F
Health insurance Are you employed in a company you are automately entiled to the basic health insuance of Ireland. For a better insurance I recomed a private health insurance below this lines (BUPA).
 Bupa Ireland Homepage of Bupa Ireland
VIVAS Health Homepage of VIVAS Health
HSF Additional Insurences
Accomodation Are you looking for an accomodation in Dublin then have a look at the Evening Herald. If you are looking for a flat in Cork then have a look at the Evening Echo. For Galway you can use the Galwayadvertiser
Daft There is also a accomodation website in Dublin. In this website you will find houses, flates, bedsites and appartements. Des Weiteren lohnt sich ein Blick auf nebenstehende Webseite. Dort findet man ebenfalls Einfamilienhäuser, in denen Wohngemeinschaften gegründet werden können. Der Vermieter will in den meisten Fällen, als Sicherheit, eine Bestätigung des gegenwärtigen Arbeitgebers. In Cork empfiehlt es sich, den Evening Echo durchzusehen. Für die Wohnungssuche in Galway empfiehlt sich der Galwayadvertiser
Moving Companies to Ireland Companies for the move to Ireland
  Homepage of the Irish Post
FASIrish Unemployed Office
 Irish Jobs Recruitment Website Irish Jobs
Recruitment Website Jobs.ie
Nixers Recruitment Website Nixers
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