Meine persönlichen Höhepunkte in Irland

General post Office O'Connell Street The famous Easter rebellion of the Irishmen took place against the English occupying power here. This rebellion was bloodily suppressed by the brits but as of this time a real revolution was started against England. Paintings as well as a sculpture and a plaque have inside the post to be looked.
Kilmainham Gaol The leaders of the east rebellion were executed in this prison. A plaque was set up in the prison yard next to the Irish flag to the memory of it. District: Kilmainham bus of the Aston Quay 51 B, 78 A, 79
Glasnevin Cemetary / Botanic Gardens Cemetery where are the famous Irish personalities buried; the Dublin mayor O'Connell as well as the National hero Michael Collins lies here. The lovely botanic garden is also located district Glasnevin in the immediate neighbourhood.
St Patricks Cathedrale  Beautiful Cathedral to the honour from St. Patrick
Christ Church Cathedrale Beautiful Cathedral. The catacombs from this are very nice
Bank of  Ireland Beautiful Building in the City from Dublin
Guinness Brewery The probably most famous brewery of the world. The brewery area really has leased Arthur Guinness for 9000 years. The former visitor centre (hop gates) was closed by the strong visitor rush. For this the net curtain house was built. Although in my opinion the new visitor centre is, gigantic the hop gate, however, does not give so many to information about the Guinness as at that time. Location: St. Jame's Gate district: Libertys  Guinness Storehouse
Beamish Brewery The opponent of Guinness in Cork. This brewery can be visited on two days in the week. One receives a video lecture and is led directly by the brewery. This is much clearer than with Guinness in Dublin.
Murphy Brewery In Cork you will see many posters with the title "In Cork we are of drink always Murphys". The Murphys Brewery is also a competitor of Guinness and resident in Cork.
The oldest licensed Whiskey-Destillery of the world is in Northern Ireland. The Bushmills-Destillerie can be found in the gleichnahmigen place.
 St. Stephens Green Beautiful park in the middle of Dublin. Good staying point after a shopping spree. The park is also used for the short lunch very much. My tip: Buy a salad and scones at the Shopping centre (Dunnes Storres) and enjoy these in this park.
The Donkey Sanctuary

The last donkeys of Ireland are living in this Donkey Sanctuary. For me this was a highlight. In this donkey park several hundred donkeys can be seen. They were rescuted from farms and now they living at this sanctuary to the rest of her lifes. This Sanctuary is Knockardbane; Liscaroll at Mallow in the County Cork.

 Sathya Sai Sanctuary Trust for Nature Also a Donkey Sanctuary in Castelbaldwin in the County Sligo
  Since 1983 lives a Dolphin in the Dingle Bay. It is possible to take a boat trip to this Dolphin. You will defintely see him. There is a typical phrase: No Dolphin, no Charge.

If you wish you can book a swimming trip with him. You can rent neopren suits at the following number: +353 66 91 51 967 (International) oder Email: Brosnans Wet-Suit Hire

Fota Wildlife Park Beautiful Park and Zoo. Familys with childrens will enjoy this Park. The kids can touch the small peaceful animals like ducks etc
Siamsa Tire Theater Siamsa Tire Theater  Folk Theatre in Tralee with his performance in the Irish Language.   It is absolutely amazing. Don't miss it but it is neccessary to book in advance  Phone: 00353 66
Great Blasket Island This Island was evacuated many years ago. At good wheather conditions you can take a boat trip to this island. It is recomended to ask the Tourist Information in Dingle. From this office there will be an bus tranfer to the Ferry Port of Dunquin. From this port you can take the ferry to the island. Phone for Booking: +353 66 91 56422.
Giants Causeway The Path of the Giant in Northern Ireland. If you are in this part of Ireland you have to see it.
Connemara und  Donegal Beautiful Landcapes. Many Nature and not so much traffic. You will find a good place to relax and dreaming.
Sandrock Holiday Hostel This is the best Hostel from whole Ireland. The Hostel is located in Malin Head on Inishowen (Northernd Point of Ireland).  You will et at the harbour very good fish an you can prepare this at this hostel. Booking: Margaret oder Rodney Phone: +353 77/70289 (International)
An Spailpin Fanach My favourite when I am in Cork. Very good Music sessions every evening at 9:30 PM Every sunday you will see at the 1st floor the Cork Singers Club. They are sing Acapella. Don't miss it. Location: Cork /South Main Street in Cork (opposite of the Beamish Brewery).